Podcasts I Enjoy: Part 1

I’m a huge, huge podcast fan. I listen to them when walking the dog, working out at the gym, cleaning the house, working in the yard, and just about everywhere else I can. Below is a short list of podcasts I enjoy, some tech related, some not. Many of these are very well known shows, other might be new to some folks. I’m always interested in hearing about new shows, and am also interested in ways to improve podcast recommendations and discoverability. If you have any thoughts on either of those two points, please let me know! Will be posting more shows in follow-up posts, as well.

For listening to/managing podcasts, I love the Pocket Casts app. I have the iOS and web versions (which sync), and find it to be an excellent player that’s only getting better. My only gripe with it would be sub-par search (has anyone really solved this?), but otherwise it does everything I could ask.

With all that said, here are my podcast picks.

Reply All

While being a “show about the internet,” Reply All is less tech-focused than its tagline makes it sound. Rather, it is a show full of human stories, with the internet being background thread in most cases. There are recurring segments (“Yes, Yes, No” comes to mind) that are more internet culture focused, but in the end this show is high-quality, high-production values, NPR-esque storytelling with a down to earth feel.

Startups for the Rest of Us

Perhaps the first podcast I ever really listened to, back in 2010. Mike and Rob talk about “how to become awesome at launching software products.” With a remarkably consistent weekly cadence, this show has not only provided a lot of advice on building (and marketing) small scale software products, it’s also served as an interesting window into the growth of Rob’s businesses over the years. When the show started, he had only a few small products making scattered income. As of now, Rob just sold his Drip business in a substantial aquisition. Following this personal and business journey via audio has been quite interesting.

Hardcore History

Hardly an obscure pick, but I can’t leave Dan Carlin’s fabulously informative and entertaining series out of this list. I’m often scared to listen to new episodes when they show up because I know I will immediately feel the pain of having to wait months for the next installment immediately after finishing. The wait it worth it, though.


Probably the most consistently high-quality “developer” focused podcast out there. Scott Hanselman gives thoughtful, consistently interesting interviews with a diverse set of guests covering a diverse set of technologies. It’s Scott’s focus on the quality of his craft that sets this show apart from the many other shows fitting this rough description.

99% Invisible

It’s hard to describe the feeling I had after listening to my first episode of this show. All my life, I’ve been fascinated esoteric objects and processes in the world. I’ve also found it can be hard to get others to share in this enthusiasm. 99% Invisible is an entire show made about these topics, by a group of folks just as clearly fascinated by them as I am. Learn why Chinatowns around the US have the same exaggerated style. Find out how public drinking fountains came about. Consider the distinctive design of former Pizza Hut restaurants. A hard show to explain without listening, but I am so, so thankful that it exists.

Posted on 30 Aug 2016
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